Heidi Salzer
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Seducing the glance

My paintings are nothing but paintings. They carry no message and ask no riddles.
No stilted phrase is required to understand them. These are pictures whose seduction potential opens the viewer’s perception to new horizons, drags you into the varied colour structures or gives you a feeling of the tender magic of transformed poetry. The vicinity to music is noticeable in visualised tones, broadly orchestrated colour sequences, in dissonances or in the undamped force of a drum beat.

My works of the last ten years condense an intensely lived examination of the conversion and the abstract staging of landscape with expressive means. They are not sketched mentally and not necessarily formed by an abstract intellect but are based on concretely experienced impressions and moods which entered art as memories shaped by emotion.

There are no drawn sketches preceding the paintings, they rather develop in the painterly process.
An initial idea may withdraw or may change several times just to return in a completely different shape. Although “composition” and “colour tone” are in classical dialogue, these pictures surprise by sharp contrasts, exiting breaks and spatially interesting stratifications.

I always ignored fashionable trends in painting. In the course of time I developed different concepts yet maintained my personal artistic identity.

A rich curve has led me from the longtime creative work as a costume designer at various theatres in Germany and abroad to “free painting”. The colour as a value to be formed spiritually becomes an event for me, the dominant and transporting element which visualises the flow of life of my artistic existence.

Heidi Salzer